Do You Chan Luu?

March 09, 2013 1 min read

Do You Chan Luu?

One of our favorite pieces that we carry in our boutique is the signature Chan Luu wrap bracelet. Hand-made and absolutely gorgeous, these wraps come in an array of hand-cut semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold vermeil, and custom dyed leathers. "Whether your style is modern and bohemian or simple and classic, Chan Luu jewelry gives you the perfect tools to style your own fashion canvas."

One of the biggest questions we are asked by customers though is "How do I wrap or layer my Chan Luu bracelet?" Regardless of how many fashion magazines you study or how many of Hollywood's hottest celebrities you see wearing them, this is a valid question! The easiest way is to hold the button that is at the end of the bracelet between your thumb and pointer finger, wrap the bracelet around your wrist about 5 times (with your free hand) and then slide that button (yep, the one you are holding with your other hand) into a button hole at the opposite end of the bracelet ... TaDa! Once you place it in the hole that feels the most comfortable to you, play around with the layers a little to make it look "messy". You may wish to stack other bracelets with it to create fabulous arm candy or simply wear it by itself. Both ways are going to look great! Of course, practice makes perfect ... So, just give it a try and eventually begin adding your own personal touch!

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