Online Boutique

What brings more excitement and smiles than finding a great outfit that you absolutely love?  Finding one effortlessly!  And, knowing that you look your absolute best . . . a dream come true!

Elise, the Boutique offers styles that help you create that long-lasting first impression -- and maintain it. Our collection is flattering, trendy, affordable, and flirty (with a classic twist, of course).  Or, as we like to say, "a pop of color and a splash of Southern charm!"

We are a true boutique.  You'll find that perfect outfit for that memorable event.  In the South, we make every event memorable!  We love to photograph everything and everyone, so no worries, you'll be camera-ready! 

While we absolutely love our clothing, we do buy in limited quantities.  We wouldn't want you to keep running  into mirror images of yourself at all those events!  We search high and low for your perfect look.  Every selection is scrutinized for design, fabulous fit, unique details, great fabric and texture, and beautiful colors.  If we don't love it immediately, it doesn't get a second look!

With a quick change of shoes and accessories, our clothing is very comfortable, transitional, and affordable.  Many of our dresses go from work to the ballpark to dinner with hardly a blink.  Wedges, sandals, heels.  Statement necklace, wrap-bracelets, layers of delicate chains.  Scarf, denim jacket, elegant purse.  One great dress, endless distinctive looks.  Everything in our store is versatile!

We love our customers!  They are loyal, and so are we. We take pride in our exceptional, personal customer service and want you to shop with confidence.  Welcome to Elise, the Boutique . . . the perfect outfit, effortless shopping, an exceptional look!