Sandjammerz, Blue

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SandJammerz is the solution for keeping your drink and electronics sand free at the beach! The compartments are sealed offfrom each other providing a dry environment for your electronics. There are drain holes, in each compartment, to eliminate condensation. A removable cup provides a vessel for your favorite beverage. You will not have to worry about having glass bottles when you can simply pour your drink into your cup!  Imagine sitting in your beach chair with your cellphone and drink sitting safely next to you SAND FREE! The possibilities are endless. You can also use this product in strollers, stadium cup holders, or at the river and ski resorts. Your stroller does not have a cup holder? Problem solved. It can rest in your child's lap while they are eating their snack. You do not have a place to set your drink while sitting on the couch? You can place it in between the cushions! This is the MUST HAVE beach accessory! Don't be the only one without one!