Southern Marsh: Outfitter Series - Collection

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Bimini Green

The Southern Marsh Outfitter Collection pays homage to the great sport of fly fishing, a pastime as much about about grace and precision as it is about streaming rivers and meticulously crafted flies. More than simply bait, flies are an art form all their own, crafted from wire, beads, feathers, and hair to mimic the fare of freshwater catches. Made colorful to attract, and soft to kiss the water's surface just right, the fly is an integral part of a time-honored sporting tradition.

This pocketed tee is finely crafted, colorful, and soft as well. A perfect fit for a peaceful Saturday out wading the river, or a Sunday with friends grilling up the previous day's catch. Only in the South do the traditions of sport and craft unite so beautifully.

100% Lightweight Cotton
Ultra Soft Spun Fabric
Pocket Tee
Full Color
Garment Washed
Size S-XXL