Southern Marsh: Tuna LS Tee, Navy

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The Outfitter Collection pays homage to the great outdoors that every sportsman hopes to come across during their expeditions. The Southern Bluefin Tuna is a popular sport fish found in the Gulf of Mexico, throughout the Caribbean, and down into South America. Active on the line and revered for their speed, beauty, and fight, even a small Bluefin Tuna will never give up trying to get off the line and can surprise an unprepared fisherman without a proper rod and line. If you're lucky enough to get on of these in the boat, you don't have to wait to get back to a grill. Just bring some soy sauce, a few beers and have fresh sashimi on the boat. Make sure you bring plenty of friends, your fishing tackle and get out there and enjoy America's great outdoors. 

100% Lightweight Cotton
Ultra Soft Spun Fabric
Pocket Tee
Full Color
Garment Washed